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Olympus Proline DS5000 Recorder


Digital Recorder

The Olympus DS 5000 digital recorder is very straightforward to use and particularly effective when used as part of a digital dictation system within a busy office.  The DS 5000 automatically links into and sends work to the secretarial section and/or individual secretaries for transcription via the secretarial unit AS 5000 transcription unit.

The Olympus DS 5000 works extremely well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and integrates in such a way that wave files (.wav) can be 'squirted' directly into any document as text.  GPs for example can make house calls and then, whilst outside the patient's house and sitting in their car, dictate their clinical notes which can then be squirted automatically as text or transcribed as usual by the secretaries.  These recorded messages can also be attached to an e-mail and sent anywhere in the world.  For the busy lawyer for example notes can be taken whilst at court and e-mailed back to the office or squirted in as text into Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The Olympus AS 5000 Transcription Unit

The Olympus AS 5000 transcription unit comes complete with headset and foot control as well as the very powerful Olympus software.  It is the software working in conjunction with the recorder software that makes this particular offering the most powerful and flexible dictation system available.

  • Digital Voice Recorder in full metal body
  • Switchable slide switch guide
  • 3 programmable smart buttons
  • Editing functions (overwrite/insert/delete/security lock)
  • NEW-Button
  • File encryption and decryption
  • Device lock function by password
  • Centralised navigation buttons for easy data input and setting
  • Large back-lit LCD, protected with a high-grade, coated screen
  • Long battery life (up to 28 hours in SP mode with Olympus rechargeable battery pack)
  • Draft dictation function
  • Verbal comment function (1 per file)
  • Verbal annotations (up to 32 per file)
  • Index marks (up to 32 per file)
  • Smooth Cue/Review
  • Dual memory card support
  • Durable USB connector for one-hand dock and undock at cradle
  • Menu navigation with multiple language support (6 languages)
  • Hands free dictation with optional footswitch
  • Automatic software & firmware updates
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, USB composite device (Storage/Audio/HID class)
  • USB microphone/speaker full duplex
  • High recording quality in DSS format
  • Up to 7 folders for voice file management (199 messages per folder)
  • Customise functions to user needs
  • Microphone Sensitivity Level: CONF / DICT
  • File Lock
  • Priority Setting
  • Author ID Setting
  • Worktype ID Setting
  • Option Item Setting
  • Direct dictation into PC through USB cable

With the DS-5000 Voice Recorder and AS-5000 Transcription Kit, Olympus introduces two new products for across-the-board professional dictation requirements. These top-of-the-range devices are complemented by the all-new DSS Player Pro software which provides added power and versatility to streamline workflow for more efficiency. With a focus on flexibility, security, simplicity and reliability, the DS-5000 incorporates numerous state-of-the-art features to boost the productivity of dictation-users in all types of small, medium and even large businesses. This is further enhanced when used in conjunction with the AS-5000 Transcription Kit. Dictation and transcription requirements are therefore seamlessly integrated into the daily office workflow.

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