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I just wanted to let you know that I use Dragon extensively when e-mailing and when I'm under severe pressure.  The consequence of business pressure, is that my fingers point to the wrong keys on the keyboard, and as a result I get even more frustrated.

When this happens, I remember your wise words, and start speaking to the machine which is infinitely more accurate, considerably faster, and reduces my stress levels enormously.  What impresses me most, is the improvement in accuracy and it is very seldom that I have to correct my words.

There is no doubt for busy people, Dragon is a tool that reduces the inaccuracy of speed typing and allows one to concentrate on what one is trying to say rather than finding the typos.
Ian Traquair – Managing Director

"An absolutely invaluable medical tool that I use every day..."
Prof George Youngson, Consultant Paediatrician, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

"Remarkably accurate, and fast -- especially in Vision" 
Dr Mike Duffy (Park Avenue Health Centre, Dundee)
His secretary Tracey, "the only time I get a referral from Dr Duffy now is when the ERS system goes down..."

"I hope that those of my colleagues who have recently started to use IT that actually works will be inspired to consider using Dragon as I am doing, with little short of delight.  I really enjoy it.  It saves me so much work".
Dr Lindsay Easton, (Errol Surgery)

"Referral letters have been revolutionised -- freeing staff time for other tasks..."
Dr Brian Fitzsimons, Tain & District Health Centre

"After just one training session I was able to save more than one hour per day on my clinical notes alone..."
Dr. George Jachacy, Aviemore Health Centre

"Without this software I would not have been able to carry on with my job..."

When dictating, I consistently have a very good hit rate and as an irredeemably poor typist I undoubtedly find using Garry’s product much more efficient and considerably less irritating than typing my own documents in the traditional way.

The arrangement I have with my secretary is that she has been able to become more of a paralegal and produces considerably less for me now in the traditional way than pre-VoiceText.

I now produce almost all of my own file entries, recording the work done and times involved, and respond to the majority of e-mails received directly as well as preparing a large amount of my own original e-mails.

I have recently started to do more work from home from my laptop and as a consequence also have a system set up on the laptop along with a spare headset.

I also like the fact that on the rare occasions he is urgently needed, Garry is always at the end of the phone.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Garry Dawson and his voice recognition software to any other potential users.

Steven G. McLaren,
Kippen Campbell LLP,
48 Tay Street,
PH1 5TR.


"I've been using NatSpeak for a long time now.  For me it has meant the difference between having an interesting, rewarding job and not having one at all.   You need to be dedicated to get full use from it, but I am hugely grateful to it and to Garry too for all the support he has given me over the years."
DW RSI Sufferer – Inverness

"Initially I found the system excellent for drafts and file notes but more recently I have been using it to great effect in preparing letters and documents for external use.   It has become an integral and extremely important part of my daily working life.   It has allowed me to dramatically reduce my dependence on typing resources."
Archie Millar – Senior Ptnr – Drever Heddle

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